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About the Tea

ImageThe Jane Austen High Tea 2018

"Phrenology, Mesmerism and Regency Quackery"
Walter Nelson,


Walter Nelson will discuss phrenology, mesmerism and Regency quackery in his usual entertaining way. He will acquaint you with the state of medical understanding at the turn of the 19th Century, and delve into mesmerism, the notion that there was an "animal magnetism" between people that could be harnessed by a person of sufficient skill and power; and the "science" of phrenology, that posited that a person's true nature could be discerned by examining the bumps on his or her scalp.

Our caterer from the 2017 JAE, Ellie Snyder, of Sweet Heaven, will prepare and serve the following:

Tea Sandwiches
-English Cucumber and Mint V
-Chicken Tarragon
-Egg Salad and Chutney V
-Cream Cheese, Cranberry, Celery and Walnut V

Served with : Farmhouse Stilton Savoury Crisps and Potato Chive Scones GF
-Hearty Winter Vegetable and Chicken Soup GF
-Lemon Thyme Squash Soup V-GF

-Cornish Shepherds Pie (perfectly seasoned ground beef and turkey, farmers market vegetables, nestled under fluffy, golden potato peaks,)
-Wild Rice, Wild Mushroom Medley V-GF
-Gingered Honey Carrots, Parsnips and Turnips V-GF

-Melt in your mouth Orange Cranberry Scones, accompanied by Devonshire Cream and Jam V

-Lady Lydia's Rose Lavender Shortbread V
-Decadent Chocolate Cakelets V
-White & Dark Chocolate Meringue Kisses V-GF
-Vanilla Meringue Kisses V-GF
-Meryton Caramel Nut Gems V
-Dainty Citrus Cheeseake Petit Fours V

Tea Selections
-House of Tudor Traditional English Breakfast; A full bodied black tea blend, delicious plain or with milk and sugar or a slice of lemon!
-Lady Earl Grey; A lovely, light black tea perfectly balanced with the citrus flavors of bergamot, orange and lemon to deliver a delightful tea with a refreshing taste and uplifting aroma!
-Peach Raspberry Tisane; A fragrant blend of ripe red raspberries and sweet, juicy peaches combine to delight in this fruity Tisane blend.

Although we do not cater to specific dietary needs, there will be some vegetarian (V) and gluten free (GF) items on the menu.
V=Vegetarian; GF=Gluten Free