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A Guide to the Jane Austen Evening

LOCATION: Pasadena Masonic Lodge, 200 S. Euclid Ave., Pasadena, California (Corner of Euclid Ave. and Cordova St.)
The most reliable parking is the Sheraton/Convention Center lot on the west side of Euclid St., a half block north. It is open all night.
There are other lots, and some street parking available, but read signs carefully and be sure if you park in a structure, to confirm that it will be open late enough (midnight). You don't want your car to be locked in overnight (this has happened in the Structure at the southeast corner of Euclid Ave. and Cordova St.). Do not park in the condominium parking structure directly west of the entrance to the Lodge.

4:00 PM - Doors Open.
Admission open to TEA & DANCE ticket holders only. DANCE ONLY ticket holders may enter after 6:00 p.m.
4:30 PM - High Tea and Entertainments.
5:30 PM - Tea Service Ends. Dining continues until 6:00.
6:00 PM - Intermission:
Tableware cleared and tables & chairs removed. Admission open to ALL ticket holders.
7:00 PM - Dancing Begins Promptly. 11:30 PM - Evening Concludes.

• No alcohol please.
• No food and beverages in the foyer or gallery (entrance level).
• There are spacious LADIES’ & GENTS’ LOUNGES on the
SECOND FLOOR for changing. It is accessible by elevator or stairs.
• Use the mezzanine area to store your table settings and
personal items when not in use. Do NOT leave items on the
chairs that surround the dance floor.
• The Jane Austen Evening is NOT responsible for unattended items.

• Tables seat ten guests. We provide nice fabric tablecloths.
• You are welcome to bring small table arrangements, such as
flowers and candelabras, but no open flames are allowed.
• You are encouraged to bring your own table settings for the tea
(including tea pots) but there is NO onsite cleaning or rinsing.
Bring plastic bags to put them in, as they will be going home dirty.
• Nice paper plates, utensils, cups and napkins are available
if you don't bring your own.

• This sets the ambience for the evening. • Gloves are recommended for all.
LADIES: Costumes or Formal Evening Wear (long dress).
• Trains may be stepped on, as the ball is very crowded.
Women with trains should pin or hold them off the floor.
• Shoes – Nice, but comfortable. NO spiked heels.
GENTLEMEN: Costumes, Tuxedo, Suit & Tie & dress shoes.
• We ask that the gentlemen keep their coats on
throughout the evening.
• No spurs, swords or ankle knives, etc.
• Do NOT wear your hat in the ballroom.

• PAY ATTENTION. You are always in the dance, even if you’re not moving at the moment.
• Make eye contact and smile at your dance partner.
• Regency etiquette requires that you not dance with the same partner all evening.
• If you are asked to dance, and turn that person down, it is very rude to then accept an invitation from another dancer.
• Genteel conversation is encouraged throughout the evening, but NOT during the dance instructions.
• If an emergency occurs and you need to leave a dance, take everyone in your set to the bottom of the line, then leave.
• Please escort your dance partner off the dance floor when the dance is over.

• Smile and be gracious!
• Please, don’t book all your dances in advance.
• Ladies may ask gentlemen to dance.
• If you wish to dance, stand near bottom of the lines and look
for a potential partner. If you are seated, dancers may assume that you are sitting out this dance on purpose.
• Look for a person who did not get to dance the previous dance. Some people are shy but would love to dance!